About Us

The McGraley Company was established in 2009 by Nicole Rahn.

"It was a decision made after thoughts and discussions about a need in our area. I purchased a large tract of land with an existing, active mining permit and decided to continue the mining to generate funds to pay for the property. With the sale of dirt in our area rapidly growing, we decided to add a fleet of dump trucks to our assets, so that we could provide delivery of the soils that we mine. Then we decided to invest in other heavy equipment to provide the service of handling the delivered material for the client. From that point in our business. things have progressed from a 'mom & pop' type business, to now employing an average of 70 employees with a fleet of 100+ pieces of equipment."

The McGraley Company prides itself in holding long term contracts. We offer many services to our clients with the full intention of 100% satisfaction to the customer. We instill in our team the importance of a great job is the assurance of employment. When we deliver the full expectation in our work to the customer, the usual response is a return for more work to be performed by our team. With repeat work from our valued customers, The McGraley company has continued to grow and develop.

With the growth and development of The McGraley Company, we strive to stick to our mission statement that we started the company with: We are a small, responsive company with a wealth of experience and truly believe that good workmanship on all jobs can only make our company successful. Being responsive in a timely manner to your clients' requests is a key to maintaining good rapport and providing good workmanship through job experience builds the best work environment for our company and the consumer. Instilling our mission in our team from the beginning, and expecting the best from them has made The McGraley Company continuously grow and develop into the company that we've always desired.

The McGraley Company has learned that not only a developed mission statement is necessary for a successful business, but also having values and demonstrating those values daily. We conduct all aspects of business with integrity, honesty, and fairness. While carrying these values it's easier to focus on our customer's needs. Providing quality work and services is also an expectation that we have for our company as a whole. Training and education is continuously offered to our employees to better them for the task at hand and rewarding employees on merit and promoting teamwork has proved as a great value for team building. While holding all of these values, most importantly, we demand a safe and healthy working environment. Having these values for The McGraley Company empowers our employees to do their jobs.